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Appropriate use of Cesar Millan training pictures.

Spread this shit like the plague because seriously people need to know this shit.

Cesar is teaching animal abuse, period.


how much you wanna bet this also applies to humans

and this is why people shut down when they’re being yelled at

because they can’t run away from the person yelling at them and yelling back just gets more yelling/hitting/other scolding

yep bet thats it

nailed it

The only thing that I don’t like about his methods is when he “lightly” “kicks” a dog on its side to distract it from whatever attention is drawing it to create negative behavior. I feel that these foot “kicks” are a little too rough and another method can be used. I’ve used his methods on my own dog (a shih tzu) and she has become so much more well behaved. Especially when I take her on walks. I can see the difference between when I work with her compared to when my mother walks her. I am never rough with her. I could understand how Ceasar works a bit more “hands on” with the more aggressive/insecure breeds because there is no other option. Like, my family friend got a shih tzu puppy over Thanksgiving and the dog (although its like 6 months old now) is so hyperactive and does not listen. Despite my efforts to help them (when I was home for winter break the puppy was only like 2-3 months old; there is only so much you can do with a dog that young) they got a dog trainer, which is great because this puppy is so hyperactive and needs boundaries. Dogs that can’t calm down and need another way to let out their built up excitment (or aggressive dogs, or even insecure dogs) need owners who know what they’re doing and how to fix the problem. Ceasar knows what he’s doing. I’d say that more than half of the dog trainers out there have no clue what the hell they’re doing and are just making it worse. If you are not going to create stable, assertive energy around your dog then how are you going to train it? You have to be stern. You have to be the “pack leader” otherwise the dog is just going to run your household like my family friend’s puppy does. When I get my own place I am seriously adopting a white german shepherd so I can train it and show my family and friends that an “aggressive/high-energy” breed can be trained.

I have like this pet peeve now when I see people walking their dogs and the dog is basically walking them, it pisses me off so much I almost want to go over and grab the leash and fix it but I know that I can’t. 

ANYWAY. Ceasar is NOT teaching animal abuse. BYE.

I find it very confusing that you think the only violent behaviour that Cesar teaches is the belly kick. I find that to actually be one of the least aggressive things that he does. Not that it’s okay - he goes right for the unprotected belly with his foot, and he does it regardless of dog size. 

Here is a video of cesar dragging a dog up by the collar. At first the dog is wearing a prong collar, which cesar then changes for a looped leash - not because he is concerned with the improper use of the prong collar which could damage his throat and pinch nerves, but because he thinks its making the dog behave worse. (it is.) The looped leash can still choke the dog and damage the trachea, and he continues to drag up on the leash and make the dog dance on its tip toes.  Please notice how each time Cesar corrects the dog (dragging up, or kicking the dog in the side) is actually when the animal reacts with extreme negativity. 

He does not at any point that we see on the show, stop to educate the owners on the proper use of a prong collar. Here is a video with Alan Titchmarsh where he says that the tools he uses are less than ideal, but he uses them because the owners do. In ten+ years of training my dogs, my fosters, volunteering with shelters for basic obedience and volunteering with rescues for unadoptable dogs - working with feral dogs that had never met people, working with fear reactive dogs, working with dogs that had spent six years of their life in one room - or worse, in one kennel, dogs that were aggressive to anything new, dogs that wanted to rip bikes and swings apart, dogs that had no idea how to act like a dog at all - in all of those dogs, I have used a prong collar exactly once. And it wasnt because of aggression. Cesar’s casual use of tools that he thinks are inferior baffles me. At no point does he suggest a halti, or a muzzle for the safety of owners with dogs that redirect or other dogs that might be bitten. He has no problem with causing the animal pain because he is arrogant in his ability to bully the dog more than they can bully him. 

We do not see his original training of this dog in this clip, but he does take part in the kicking. Please watch the dog’s body language. She is licking her lips, her posture is unsure, and her ears are held to the side, she squints and looks away from cesar repeatedly, she has whale eyes when walking with the other dog and she is holding herself in a small, hunched manner (not just the GSD slope.) These are all signs of anxiety or appeasement. She is terrified of cesar, and he is saying “this is what we want, this is how she enjoys the walk.” He has absolutely no idea that this dog is screaming discomfort and is asking him to stop and go away. How do you spend your life around dogs and have no idea what they’re saying?

Here is a dog that he trains by jabbing her in the throat. It hurts her, and she begins to react specifically to the hand that he punches her with, and the noise he makes with that motion. Specifically to that hand, and that noise. That hand and that noise cause her pain, and pushed her from a food aggressive dog willing to back off, to one that will maul his hand. He ignores every single part of her body language. In the end he is unable to rehabilitate the dog into a pet, and keeps her. 

The first part of this episode is two dogs that he strangers with slip leashes and allows them to build up frustration. They bite their owners repeatedly in redirected frustration. At no point does he allow them to calm down. Instead of introducing a gentle leader, he prefers to slip a leash - that has nothing to stop it from becoming too tight -  over their heads and strangle their attention away by brute force. Even a regular buckle collar can damage the trachea, and those are not essentially a leather choke chain. (he eventually takes one of the dogs to live with him but it is said for energy reasons, and not behavioural.) The second dog of that episode has him jabbing a dog so hard with his hand that it begins to leap into the air and flinch away from him with fright whenever he makes noise. He also takes this dog home to live with him because his violence in trying to teach the dog to not be violent…. shockingly doesn’t work. 

The first part of this episode has Cesar working with a man aggressive rottweiler. The behaviour he uses to deal with the dog is to flood him with situations and sensations. He continues to push the dog and push the dog and ignores his panic and upset. He does nothing to comfort the dog, he just tries to wait until it is so far over the threshold of fear that it starts to shut down. No attempt is made to made the dog less fearful with less invasive behaviour. There is a reason every. single. episode. tells people to not replicate cesar’s behavior - because it is reckless, dangerous, arrogant and plain old stupid. In the interview above, he says people shouldn’t use his techniques, but they do anyway. That is because he is abusing his animals, and violence begets violence. Cesar is just really good at pushing a dog so far that they shut down, so he keeps doing it, thinking that he’s helping. The rottweiler in this episode is terrified - and cesar keeps pushing. He pushes, and pushes, and pushes. He chases him across a parking lot, he doesn’t teach him that as a person he’s okay, he pushes until the animal breaks. I did not watch the second half of this video, after watching the rottweiler react with a squeal to a simple pet after being with cesar for an extended amount of time, I was too sick of watching animal abuse. But if you like, I can go back and watch it and I’m sure he’s done abusive things there, too.

He absolutely does teach animal abuse, intentionally or not. Teaching people his “methods” of dealing with dogs creates horribly dangerous situations, and dogs that cannot be trusted to communicate properly any more. He punishes them for telling him that they’re uncomfortable. He punishes them for giving warning before they make an unwanted behaviour. They learn to stop communicating and react unpredictably, and then he pushes them even further until they learn that they just can’t act like a normal dog any more. Cesar doesn’t create happy healthy dogs, he makes shells. 

Hands down when you watch and support this man you are watching and, not only sitting idly by as you view the animal abuse, but supporting and perpetuating the animal abuse in the process.


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